We are an antiwar action group which educates for peace and social justice. 

We support the peaceful resolution of conflict and the creation and expansion of tools that promote peace, justice and freedom for all peoples.

We support the full implementation of all human rights documents and the adherence to international law.

We oppose individual and institutional acts of violence and at all times seek and demand truth. 

The Birmingham Peace Project was formed in September, 2002.

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"A Radical Revolution in Values"
 The Sixth Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Commemorative Event, Dr. David Korten, 
 author of When Corporations Rule the World and The Great Turning,
 Saturday, Jan 24, 2009, 7:00 PM
 Church of the Reconciler, Birmingham, AL 35203

The Truth about Drummond Coal -- a Permitted Demonstration
Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008, 3:15 PM - 4:30 pm
Linn Park, Birmingham, AL 35203
"A protest to hold Drummond Coal accountable for its human rights crimes and to uphold the right of workers to organize for decent wages, hours and working conditions."
Featuring speakers: Latin Studies Scholar Aviva Chomsky, Columbian Union Organizers Estivenson Avila and Jesús Brochero, and "Wall Street Traitors Band."
Fifth Annual Celebration of the Life and Teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ...

"A World House, Not an American Empire" ...
~featuring National Speaker Rev. Lennox Yearwood - Founder of the Hip-Hop Caucus 
~Saturday, Jan 19, 6:30 PM, Church of the Reconciler, 112 14th St. No., Birmingham, 35203, Free
Music for Peace and Justice Series
Thursdays, September 21, 2006/2007
"Revolutionary and Political Music in a smoke free environment"
Church of the Reconciler [112 14th St. N. Birmingham, AL]
Admission Free (Donations accepted at the door) 
September 27, 2003 - The Patriot Act: Protection or Invasion? 
Video available upon request for $15.00
Birmingham City Hall 
Attorney Lynn Stewart, indicted by the Justice Department for alleged Cooperation with Terrorists tells her story.


September 17, 2005 - Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now! 
Co-author of "The Exception to the Rulers" and "Independent Media in a Time of War"
5:00 Reception, Bare Hands Gallery, Arrington Blvd., Birmingham AL, 35205 
7:00 Film, and Lecture, UAB Student Union, University Ave. Birmingham, AL 35205
3rd Annual Commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
"Through the Eye of Katrina: the Triplets of Injustice: Racism, Poverty and War,"
January 14, 2006 - . Revolutionary New Orleans organizer, Malik Rahim of Common Ground Relief, "Solidarity Not Charity."
Malika Sanders of 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement, and Reverend Lawton Higgs from Church of the Reconciler 

Hip-Hop Activist Yearwood
"Breaking the Silence: Perpetual War = Perpetual Poverty" with Rosa Clemente and the Coalition of the Homeless

Progressive Mixer, Tues, Sept 22 2009, 5-8, Bottletree, Birmingham, AL 35222
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Diane McNaron, Chair                        Rachael Doughty, Treasurer
Lawton Higgs, Host             David Gespass, Past Chair, Listserv
Birmingham Activist Coalition, F.I.S.T., Birmingham Islamic Society & B.P.P.  
June 2010 to June 2011
Sat., June 12, 2010 Student B. P. Oil Protest, Sponsored by
 BPP, FIST and Birmingham Activist Coalition
March 6, 2010, BPP/Birmingham, AL / Citgo/Venezuelan NOLA Consulate Light Bulb Distribution Project,  assisted by Greater B'ham MInistries. Thousands of energy-efficient long-last light bulbs distributed free in poor neighborhoods.

 Free Palestine Rallies Produced by Dustin Getz
Sunday, August 8, 2010, 5 to 8pm, Second Annual Progressive Mixer, Bottletree Cafe, B'ham, AL
Student Speakers Inspire Audience at Eighth Annual MLK, Jr. Event

On Sat, January 8, an intrepid audience of around 100 stood for an hour through a wind advisory to hear Birmingham Peace Project's first student speakers. Writing on the King quote " A Triple Revolution of Weaponry, Technology  and Human Rights," Shaina Boe, Zeeny Islam, William C. Anderson & Anum Muzaffar presented essays which are available at the red links, below. Boe's interview with Red Mountain Post can be heard at:   


The event was opened by Scott Douglas, Greater Birmingham MInistries, and Kevin Higgs & the Reconciler Band entertained with songs of the Movement. Several event sponsors, led by Lone Broussard, Unitarian Universalist Church of Birmingham and Catherine Roden Jones, of the Alabama Women's Resource Network, passionately detailed their organizations' goals.

 Seventh Annual MLK Commerative Event, Jr. March and Rally, 2010
The audience cheered several times as the charismatic Anderson,  delivering thoughts on King's philosophy, contributed ideas for making a difference in the world, today. The four speakers were presented with plaques commemorating their participation and gift certificates for a popular area restaurant.
                  Click Link Below for Videos. Click Red Link for Printed Speech Content

Shaina       Zeeny 
Anum    William   


Lynne Stewart
   [read her astute comments on Julian Assange and Bradley Manning; copy her address and write to her]

The Cuba Five

Bradley Manning
    [read Amnesty International's assessment of his imprisonment / send letter]

Mumia Abu-Jamal


Third Annual Progressive Mixer:
Monday, September 14, 2011, Bottletree, Birmingham, 5 to 8

Perpetual War = Perpetual Poverty March, 2010
Seventh Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Event
 featuring Birmingham's Homeless and Green Party VP Candidate
 Rosa Clemente